Japanese platform beds are getting more popular than ever

By derjav, 21 April, 2021

Japanese platform beds are a relatively new style of bed that combines the beauty of traditional Japanese designs with the functionality of modern styles of bed. Many Japanese beds are built on a solid block of wood without a box spring. Instead, the platform bed consists of a simple frame with a sturdy base, often made of wood, and usually with open-weave or wood-grained cloth on the box spring. The mattress is placed on top of this foundation.
Although the look of Japanese platform beds is very sleek and minimalist, they still tend to have a lot of character. Platform beds are built on wooden frames with no box spring, and because of this, you don't need to buy a separate box spring. Simply put, the box spring is on the mattress, not the platform, so when your baby grows up and moves out, you can take the bed with them. Platform beds are designed to be easy to clean and to withstand children, and even pets, of course.
Some platform beds are quite fancy, featuring extremely high heeled ceilings, wood panels with elegantly shaped molding, ornate scrollwork on the frame, and plush cushions on the box spring. Others are simpler, but still can be a great deal of fun. The type of wood you use will depend on your budget and the overall theme of the room you want to furnish. The most common woods used for platform beds are cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, and bamboo. Of course, if you want to steer away from the "classical" look, there are plenty of other woods you could use such as pine or birch.
One of the biggest differences between Japanese platform beds and normal bed frames is the method of utilizing the space under the bed. With platform beds, the entire bed sits on the frame, creating an open space underneath for storage and smaller furniture. This is in contrast to the box spring of a traditional bed, which is fitted with drawers that sit on the box spring. With this extra space, you can store many pieces of clothing, linens, and boxes. You also have more room for little things like toys, books, or art supplies.
Another difference is the type of mattress you can get. A platform bed is much more like a bunk bed with a ladder leading to the top, making it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children when they're sleeping. The reason a platform bed can be more like a bunk bed is that the mattress is on legs rather than a box spring. It's also made with slats rather than a solid frame so it can be shaken back and forth rather than sticking to the bed frame.
These are just two of the differences Japanese platform beds can have that you won't find in beds in the West. They are both very high-quality, elegant beds that will make your guests gasp with surprise. So if you've always wanted a Japanese-styled bed but didn't want to spend that much money, Japanese platform beds might be just what you were looking for.